How to Seduce a Woman on Facebook- 3 Must Know Secrets

When a guy asks how to seduce a woman on Facebook ™,  most of the time what he is looking to do is to be able to send a woman a few messages that get her so hot she just wants to hook up with him in a heartbeat.  The problem with that kind of thinking is that it goes against what seduction really is,  which is creating a situation and a feeling that makes a woman very responsive to you sexually.  You are going to have a hard time doing that just by sending her some messages and trying to comment on her photos or something.

The way to use Facebook to seduce a woman is to connect with women,  build up enough rapport that you can meet up offline,  and THEN you can really work on making the situation right where you can lead her into seduction.  If you are trying to just randomly friend women on Facebook and then send them some kind of subliminal messages to get her hot and make her want to leave her house and come over to yours,  your success is going to be really random and on the low side at best.

Here are 3 must know secrets of using Facebook to seduce a woman:

1)  Facebook is a social networking site,  so use it to network.

You know,  back in the day,  you could go on to a site like MySpace ™ and kind of have a little fun sending out random friend requests to hot women and they would accept it most of the time and you could even get a little conversation going.  That was about 5 years ago.  Today,  the novelty of these sites to meet random people has pretty much worn off,  so if you are just randomly requesting hot women with the hopes of getting hooked up… it ain’t gonna happen.  Now,  if you work your list of friends and friend their friends (that was a mouthful),  you will have a lot more success in getting them accepted.  Plus,  you already have a lead into a conversation,  as you kind of already know the same people.

2)  You won’t get her that hot over the computer,  so work on building rapport + attraction with her.

Look,  women don’t really get all hot and horny reading a couple of lines of text that tell her how hot she is and what you want to do with her.  That idea may sell memberships on websites designed to attract horny guys who want to meet horny women,  but it’s not going to get you laid off of Facebook or any other social networking site.  Instead,  you want to work on building enough rapport plus attraction so that you can lead into meeting up with her in the real world.

3)  When you meet up with her,  don’t make it seem like you are just trying to get some.

If she thinks that the only reason why you went through that whole process of building rapport and attraction was just to get laid off of Facebook,  you are not going to get any sex.  What you need to do is to look at it like you are just hanging out to have a good time and then work on slowly progressing things to get intimate with her.  When you do this,  it looks like you two met up,  clicked,  and naturally hooked up.  She won’t think that you were just trolling Facebook trying to get laid.

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