How to Get Women Interested in You – 4 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Attention From Women

Sometimes, you just have to own up to the fact that you might be doing a few things wrong when it comes to meeting and attracting women. I mean, if you are not getting the kind of attention that you really desire from women, you have to be honest with yourself if you want things to change. It’s easy to take on the mentality that the whole dating thing is stacked up against you or that all women want is to end up with the jerks, but that is not going to make much of a difference in your life. It’s not going to get you any dates this weekend.

Here are four common reasons why you might not be getting the kind of female attention you desire:

1. You are not coming across as having strong alpha male traits.

We’ve all heard that women are definitely more likely to go for the kind of guy who comes across like an alpha male, so if you are not getting the kind of female attention, you want, then you might need to work on giving off that kind of a vibe. You don’t have to come off like a jerk to be seen as an alpha male to a woman, but you do need to show her that you are confident and can be a leader when need be.

2. You are not flirting with women the way they respond to.

A lot of the time, guys pick up on how to flirt with a woman from what they see and it’s not always the best or most effective way to flirt. Women almost always pay attention to a guy who knows how to flirt in a way that is exciting and fun to her. Guys that just try and throw a woman a bunch of compliments, don’t get quite the amount of female attention that the ones who know how to be fun and exciting do.

3. You are not showing women that you have a unique personality.

It’s hard to get women to notice you when you come across like almost every other guy that they meet. I mean, if she is meeting several guys that are pretty much just like you, what is going to get her to really notice you? You need to be able to show a woman that you have a unique personality so that there is a reason why you stand out to her.

4. You have a hard time making conversation with women.

This is really common and it can easily be overcome. Many times, a guy will get used to talking to his buddies, so when he comes across a woman he really wants to impress, he doesn’t quite know what to say. Either he will try too hard to say things to impress her, or her will just go on and on about topics that end up boring her to tears. Or, even worse, he won’t say much at all and there is a lot of dead silence. You need to be able to talk to women if you want to get noticed in a GOOD way.

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