Female Psychology Secrets to Attract Women

We have all seen them before.  Couples that just don’t make any sense at first glance.  The guy is totally average looking,  doesn’t even look like he’s rich or anything like that.  And the woman he is dating is super attractive.  The kind of beauty that you would love to have on your arm.  It can make you kind of shake your head in wonderment,  asking yourself,  “What’s his secret?”

I’ll tell you what the secret is…

Unlike You,  this guy understands the female psychology of attraction.  Maybe he just kind of stumbled onto it one day,  that happens.  Or,  maybe he did what most guys will never do and that is –  he took the time to find out what it takes for an average guy to end up with a beautiful woman.

Chances are,  it’s that he took the time to actually find out what he had to do.  And you know what?  You can do the SAME thing as well.  You can learn how to make a woman’s natural psychology of attraction work for You.

These 3 female psychology secrets should help get you STARTED:

1. Instinct plays a much larger role in attraction than choice does.

Without knowing it,  women will confirm this time and time again.  Ask a woman why she is attracted to a certain guy,  especially a guy who she knows is “bad” for her and what does she say?  “I don’t know,  I just AM.”  That’s her telling you right there that it comes down more to instinct than it does choice.

2.  Never treat SEX like it is a TABOO subject with a woman.

We live in a world where we are conditioned to believe that good girls don’t like sex and even though we see things that show that this isn’t true,  we still tend to believe it is.  You have to come to the realization that women do enjoy sex and therefore,  it should not be a taboo subject when you are talking to a woman.  You obviously don’t want to be too dirty about it,  but if you want to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you,  then you DO need to be able to talk about sex or talk sexually to her.

3. You want her to always associate you with FUN.

So many guys try to be so serious around women and that always seems to puzzle me.  If you want to condition a woman to want to be around you,  why be serious?  Who is she more likely to want to spend time with –  a guy who is fun to be around or a guy who doesn’t know how to kick back and have a GOOD TIME?  You know what the answer is.

When you really understand the female psychology of attraction,  you’ll never again think that it is hard to attract women.

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