Signs of Attraction – 5 Tips on How to Read a Woman’s Body Language

Signs of Female Attraction | Is She Attracted to You

It might seem like it takes an incredible amount of skill to be able to accurately read a woman’s body language,  but it does not have to.  What I mean is,  it probably sounds a lot harder than it actually is.  Of course,  it IS an INCREDIBLE skill to have because when you do know whether or not a woman is attracted to you,  your success rate with women will jump SKY HIGH.  Just imagine:  You don’t have to worry anymore about trying to figure out if she is into you,  because you will KNOW what to look for.

Guys spend money on women who aren’t interested in them all of the time and they don’t find that out until their wallet is empty.  They also chase after women who don’t want anything to do with them and when they finally realize that –  their confidence is totally shot.  That does NOT have to happen to you.  Knowing how to read a woman the right way can save you so much time,  money,  and frustration that you don’t have to go through.

The reality is — if you are chasing after a woman who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you in that way,  or who will never go on a date with you,  what do you expect to happen?

You don’t have to worry about that at all when you can take a look at a woman and accurately tell if there is any potential there or not.

How can you do this?

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You need to focus on what to look for that shows she DOES want you and what to look for that shows that she does not want you.  Most of that can be done just by being totally aware of her body language.  It’ll usually give her away.

The other GOOD THING about knowing how to tell if a woman really likes you or not is,  you don’t have to worry about getting caught up with someone who is just leading you on to get something out of you.  That happens to a lot of men,  and you don’t have to experience that if you don’t want to.

Pay attention to these 5 tips on reading a woman’s body language and you will be able to tell if she is REALLY giving you positive signs of attraction:

1. Establish whether or not she is giving you friendly eye contact.

The longer and more intense it is when she looks at you,  the better.  You also want to see a certain amount of “friendliness” in her eyes.  Cold eyes are usually a dead give away that she is not feeling you,  even if you think that she is.  This is sometimes a dead give away when you are dealing with a woman who is intentionally leading you on.

2. Pay attention to her POSTURE.

The way that someone stands or sits can usually tell you a lot about what they are really feeling and how they see you.  If she seems to close up when you get near her,  chances are,  she’s not really that into you.  On the other hand,  if she opens up and seems to be a little more energetic when you come around,  that could definitely mean that she is into you.

3. Does she try to make herself look prettier when you come around?

Most women will instinctively try to make themselves look better when a guy they like comes around.  She might groom her hair,  she might add some lipstick or she might just “adjust” things so that she definitely looks more attractive.  This is usually a really good sign,  because it shows that she cares about the way that she looks and she wants you to think of her as being pretty.

4. What does she do with her hands?

When she is nervous (butterflies),  she will probably try to do things with her hands that keep them busy.  That might mean that she is constantly playing with something like a napkin or something like that.  Also,  if she really likes you,  she may be trying to get her hands closer to you so that you and her will “accidentally” touch one another.  Again,  this is usually a VERY GOOD sign that she may be into you.

5. It’s not WHAT she says,  but HOW she says it.

Tone of voice usually gives away the real way that someone is feeling.  Think about when you see someone that you know is having a hard time and you ask them how they are and they say,  “Fine.”  You know that they are not fine because of their tone of voice.  The same thing is true if you want to know if a woman is attracted to you.  Her tone of voice should “light up” when she is talking to you.  She should either sound more up beat,  or she should sound like she is trying to be sexy or seductive.  Either one is REALLY GOOD.

Being able to accurately read a woman’s signs of attraction is one of the BEST SKILLS that you could ever give yourself.

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Note:  Be careful of trying too hard to analyze a woman’s every move.  There are so many nuances to reading a woman’s body language,  and if you are only going on what you observe,  you can easily interpret things the wrong way.  Also,  be weary of pseudoscience on body language.  Just because someone has watched a couple of episodes of “Lie to Me,”  does not necessarily mean that they know all about body language or a woman’s signs of attraction.

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