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What’s the best way to approach a woman at a bar?

I get asked about approaching women in bars. And I give 3 simple steps that will make it easy. If you feel uncomfortable about approaching a woman at a bar, this will make it simple and the simpler it is, the less there is to be uncomfortable about.

Should I try to be friends with my ex girlfriend or is that a bad idea?

In a perfect world, you'd be friends with all your ex girlfriends and everything would be la-di-da. But it's not a perfect world and in this post I speak about when it's okay to be friends with an ex girlfriend and when it's not. I give you 3 questions that you can ask yourself that will make it easy to figure out whether or not you should even try to remain friends with her.

How to approach women without being creepy …

Worried that you might creep a woman out if you approach her? A lot of guys are and that's why they don't make too many approaches. I get asked about how to approach a woman without coming off creepy and explain a few things that will make it easier for you to approach women without much hang-up.

First date with a woman who’s out of my league: 3 questions answered!

You finally land a date with a woman who is out of your league. And while that's great, it does bring up a bunch of new questions. You don't want to blow it. You don't want to have a bad first date. Well, I give 3 tips that'll make a date with a woman who is out of your league feel easy and go well.

How do you have interesting conversations with women?

I get asked how to have interesting conversations with women. And I give out 4 very effective tips. I know they are effective because they helped me and other guys I know who felt like they had nothing interesting to say to a woman find ways to make interesting conversation.

How to approach a woman at the gym …

I get asked about what to do when you want to approach a woman at a gym. And I give a few tips that you can use in any situation where you want to approach a woman, not just at a gym. Plus, I give a reminder that all guys need to keep in mind at all times about approaching women.

We’re dating, but her Facebook page says she is still single …

What would you do if you were dating a woman, but her Facebook profile said that she was still single? And what if her guy friends on Facebook were trying to flirt with her? That's what I get asked about in this post and my answer's not what you might expect. So if you think that dating a woman who says she's single on Facebook is a big deal, you may want to read this.

How to make female friends if you are a guy – 3 tips you need to know …

I tell guys all the time, if you want to understand women better go and make some female friends. But a lot of guys are stumped as to how they can actually go about making friends with women. In this post, I give you 3 tips that will help you make friends with women easily. And I kept it to just 3 for a reason ... so it's not complicated!

5 Neediness signs that turn women off …

We are going to look at 5 neediness signs that men give off that turn off women. And I got some help from this post. I talked with several female friends to get their input. So you know you are getting more than just theory here ... you are getting shit straight from the mouths of women. Read on.

How to use mini goals to get better at approaching women …

I am going to show you how to make approaching women a lot easier for you. Because I am going to show you how to use mini-goals in a way that all but guarantees that you will get better at approaching women. Most guys don't realize just how easy and how fast they could get better at approaching women confidently, if only they knew about using mini-goals.